Welcome to Multimodal Digital Oral History. This site is dedicated to fomenting a new turn in Oral History: Multimodal Digital Oral History. Multimodal Digital Oral History (MDOH) is one that engages with oral history artefacts in multiple representational modalities: transcript, sound, waveform, metadata and more.

Convened by Andrew Flinn (UCL) & Julianne Nyhan (TU Darmstadt / UCL).

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Exploring the possibilities of Thomson’s fourth paradigm transformation—The case for a multimodal approach to digital oral history?

This article seeks to reorientate ‘digital oral history’ towards a new research paradigm, Multimodal Digital Oral History (MDOH), and in so doing it…

Seminar #5 - 20 July 2022

Speakers:Sharon Webb (University of Sussex, United Kingdom) Tara Brabazon (Flinders University, Australia)

Seminar #4 - 13 July 2022

Speakers:Machteld Venken (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) Elspeth Brown (University of Toronto, Canada)