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Andrew Flinn

Andrew is a Reader in Archival Studies and Oral History and Vice Dean for Postgraduate Research in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University College London at University College London. He is also a member of the Oral History Society Archives group, a trustee and advisory group member of National Life Stories and the vice chair of the UK and Ireland Community Archives and Heritage Group. He has been teaching archives, public history and oral history since 2002 and has been involved in a number of academic and community-based oral history programmes.

His research interests include community-based knowledge production practices, heritage activism and social justice, and digital oral history.

Relevant recent publications include (with Duff, Short and Wallace) Archives, Record-keeping and Social Justice (Routledge, 2020), and (with Bastian) Community Archives, Community Spaces: heritage, memory and identity (Facet, 2020). He is presently working with Astrid von Rosen (University of Gothenburg) to edit and produce the first English translation of Sven Lindqvist’s classic 1978 book Dig Where You Stand (Gräv där du står: Hur man utforskar ett job).