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• Douglas Lambert (University at Buffalo, United States)
• Alexander Freund (University of Winnipeg, Canada)

• Tanya Clement (University of Texas at Austin, United States)

Speakers:Almila Akdag Salah & Francisca Pessanha, (Utrecht University, Netherlands) Myriam Fellous-Sigrist (King's College London, United Kingdom)

Speakers:Machteld Venken (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) Elspeth Brown (University of Toronto, Canada)  

Speakers:Sharon Webb (University of Sussex, United Kingdom) Tara Brabazon (Flinders University, Australia)

This article seeks to reorientate ‘digital oral history’ towards a new research paradigm, Multimodal Digital Oral History (MDOH), and in so doing it seeks to build upon Alistair Thomson’s (Thomson, A., 2007, Four paradigm transformations in oral…
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